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Itinerary: 5 Days in Washington State

Itinerary: 5 Days in Washington State

Itinerary: 5 Days in Washington State

Hi, friends! It’s been awhile! Just a quick update about where I’ve been: At the beginning of May, I started a 6-week long process of studying for Step 1 of the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE). I took my exam on June 12th, and Jacob and I headed to Washington on June 14th. I’ll be posting more about Step 1 next week, but for now, I want to tell you all about my vacation! Our vacation had two destinations: Washington state and Victoria, BC. Today’s post is all about the Washington leg of our trip.

Washington State Itinerary:

July 14th: I’m not including this day in the “5 days,” because we didn’t get to Seattle until 11 pm. We left Shreveport around noon, made it to Dallas by 3, and left for Seattle at 7 pm. When we got to Sea-Tac, we were greeted by Jacob’s aunt and uncle, and we headed to their house in Lake Tapps. We had so much fun spending time with them during our stay in Washington!

Day 1: LeavenworthWA is a charming Bavarian village about 2 hours from Seattle nestled in the mountains (or hills? I’m not sure because any elevation looks like a mountain to this Louisiana girl). We spent the day checking out all of the shops there, and we even did a wine tasting at a local shop. Leavenworth is definitely “touristy,” but it is adorable and has great German food. I highly recommend going if you have the chance!




Day 2: We started to joke that everything is about 2 hours from Seattle because our trip to Mt. Ranier National Park took about that time. We drove up to Paradise, located in the park, which has a mini museum about the mountain and viewing points of the peak. Unfortunately, the day we went was drizzly and cloudy, so we could not see the peak. The drive up the mountain, however, was gorgeous! Jacob went a little crazy taking pictures of all of the beautiful scenery. If you’re planning a trip to Mt. Ranier, I’m told July through September has the best clear days to see the mountain.

Mt. Ranier National Park

Deer at Ranier

Day 3: If you follow my Instagram stories, you probably saw a lot of pictures of glass art. After traveling to Venice in high school and again in college I became fascinated by glass blowing, so I knew I wanted to go to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. The museum experience starts at the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. After strolling across the bridge, you get to the museum proper. We started our afternoon at the museum by watching a glass blowing demonstration. The museum invites glass artists to lead demonstrations with the help of staff glass blowers. The teamwork to create a glass piece is incredible! The rest of the museum is a series of galleries that includes permanent and visiting collections. My favorite exhibition was Into the Deep, which included the works of 16 artists displaying pieces inspired by the ocean. After we finished at the museum, we were hungry so we went to Cactus at Alki Beach for some yummy Mexican food (so. good.).

Washington Museum of Glass

Chihuly Crystal Tower

Me and the Crystal Tower

Washington Museum of Glass

glass blowing

Into the Deep exhibit

Into the Deep Exhibit

Glass vases

Jacob and I

Day 4: We spent this day relaxing with family. It was nice to have a slow day before we headed to Victoria!

Day 5: Our last day in Seattle was actually after we came back from Victoria. We took the 7 pm Victoria Clipper on Thursday, June 22nd, and stayed the night at the Mediterranean Inn (not a great hotel, but prices spiked in Seattle because of all of the events happening that weekend). Our flight the next day wasn’t until 5 pm, so we decided to catch a couple of Seattle highlights. We started at Chihuly Garden and Glass. Another glass museum?? Yes. I love them! Chihuly’s pieces are so vibrant and grand and simply breathtaking. I had to bring home a book of his pieces for our coffee table! We also could see the space needle from the museum, but we decided not to go up to the top. From the Chihuly museum, we headed to Pike Place Market. This place was PACKED. If you go, I would recommend getting there early in the morning when it first opens. Even though we were elbow to elbow with people, I still enjoyed browsing through all of the booths. After meeting up with Jacob’s uncle for lunch, we got on the train and went to Sea-Tac airport.

Chihuly Garden and Glass


Have you ever been to Washington? We loved our trip, and Jacob wants to move there!

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