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Med School Monday 7.17.17

Med School Monday 7.17.17

Med School Monday 7.17.17
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Outfit Details:

Shirt (similar) | Skirt | Sandals (similar)| Necklace (similar)

Med School Monday is back! I’ve been an MS3 for two weeks! Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Med School:

— I spent my first two weeks of MS3 on Family Medicine. I will do six weeks of Family Med throughout the year, so I have the opportunity to follow up with some of my patients. I loved getting to dive in and have responsibility for patients, but it was intimidating for the first few days. After I got used to the flow of clinic and read up on a few basic topics in Case Files, I felt a lot more at ease!

— My next sub-block for this 6-week block is Neurology. I’ll spend this week in Neurosurgery, and next week in inpatient and outpatient Neurology. I’ve been interested in neuro since college, so I’m looking forward to this block!


— Having Family Med as my first rotation gave me a lot of free time. I’ve been relaxing in the evenings by knitting a scarf or reading Second Suns. I know I’m about to be a lot busier, but it was great while it lasted.

— My brother decided he actually wanted to spend time with me on Friday, so he went with Jacob and me to see Spiderman: Homecoming. While it’s annoying that Spiderman has been rebooted so many times, I thought this movie was SO CUTE. Tom Holland and Zendaya are funny and adorable, and I’m excited to see Spiderman as an Avenger.

— On Sunday I used brunch with friends as an excuse to get all dolled up in this maxi skirt outfit. Since GoT premiered yesterday my makeup was inspired by the White Walkers. If my dad is reading this, he’s probably thinking of a super funny joke about how pale I am (those never get old. eye-roll). I won’t spoil anything for you, but this season is going to be so exciting!

— In other nerdy fandom news, Jodie Whittaker is the next doctor, and I’M PUMPED.

maxi skirt outfit

smokey blue eyeshadow

striped sailor shirt

Outfit Details:

Shirt (similar) | Skirt | Sandals (similar)| Necklace (similar)

chloe and isabel necklace

pleated maxi skirt

Lexi Sebren

Hi y’all! I’m a wife, third year medical student, and puppy momma from Louisiana. Welcome to Life, Love, & Medicine, your dose of outfit and lifestyle inspiration, with my journey through medical school mixed in!

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  • I was finally back to seeing patients today after the holiday weekend was extended by TWO snow days. I was going a little crazy being cooped up inside! The clinic had faux marble counter tops, so of course I had to take a pic of my stethoscope on it. (oh, Instagram, you’re weird, but fun). #medschool #lifeloveandmedicine
  • A med school snow day! #medschool ❄️❄️❄️

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