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OBGYN Clerkship Review

OBGYN Clerkship Review

OBGYN Clerkship Review

Now that I’m a week out from my OBGYN clerkship (and shelf exam), I thought I would write an OBGYN clerkship review!

OBGYN was my first major clerkship of the year since my first block was filled with electives and short rotations. Starting this clerkship made me so nervous. I assumed women would be screaming like in movies, but that was not the case the majority of the time (whew!). By the end of the rotation, I knew OBGYN was not the field for me, but I am grateful for the experiences I had counseling women about their reproductive health and bringing new life (and placentas) into the world! Here are more of my thoughts about the rotation:

Course Structure:

  • Small town hospital (2 weeks): My first two weeks of this rotation were spent at aย small hospital a few hours away from the medical school campus. During this rotation, I spent most of my day clinic seeing OB and GYN patients. On certain days students also rotated through surgery and labor and delivery. Since fewer residents were at this hospital, my fellow MS3s and I were able to help more in surgery and deliveries, and we were constantly busy with high volume clinic days.
  • – Labor & Delivery (2 weeks): L&D was my least favorite part of the rotation because it requires a lot of waiting. Babies take their time! I helped deliver a few placentas, checked fetal positioning, and studied a lot during these 2 weeks.
  • – GYN (2 weeks): The GYN rotation involved one week of surgery and one week of clinic. I enjoyed my surgery week so much! There was not always room for me to scrub in, but there was always room to observe. I really started to realize how much I like being in the OR. The last week of the rotation I was in GYN clinic, and I finally started feeling comfortable with common GYN complaints, just in time to take the shelf and then start a completely different rotation.


  • – One of the highlights of this rotation was the course director. She told us all from the beginning that she was here to make us all good doctors, not necessarily OBGYNs. She worked with each of us individually to give us constructive criticism on patient presentations. I know that I will use these skills every day for the rest of my career!
  • – Take time with patients when you need to. During one of my patient encounters, I noticed that the patient was getting flustered. Her workup was going to be extensive, and I could tell that she didn’t buy that everything the attending ordered would help solve her problem. I sat down with her and asked her what she understood about the diagnostic process, and helped fill in the gaps as I could. I felt that if I had not taken the time with her, she would have left feeling like we had not helped her at all. I’m grateful that as a medical student I have a lot of time to spend with my patients!

Shelf Resources:

  • – CaseFiles for OBGYN: I read this book and made an outline during the first 4 weeks, which I studied in detail during the last two weeks.
  • – UWise: A set of 550 board-style questions. The explanations are not as good as Uworld, but the questions are of comparable difficulty.
  • – Uworld: The best Q bank, as always.
  • – NBME Exams: I took all 4 practice exams, and a few of the questions ended up on my shelf exam. Highly recommend these.
  • – Firecracker: I did firecracker questions on days when I had a lot of free time, mainly during L&D.
  • Allison Bell

    Totally agree with your shelf resources! They were the best prep!

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