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DIY Velvet Bow Hair Ties

DIY Velvet Bow Hair Ties

DIY Velvet Bow Hair Ties

The velvet trend has been going strong this season, showing up in the form of dresses, pants, shirts, and accessories! Today I’m sharing quick and easy DIY velvet bow hair ties. They add the perfect feminine detail to any look, and would make perfect gifts for your Galentines this year!



Step 1

Cut 3 lengths of ribbon: 9 in., 12 in., and 14 in.


Step 2

Fold the ends of the 9 in. ribbon to the center and glue in place. Make sure the velvet side is facing out! Repeat for the 12 in. ribbon. (You may need something heavy to place on the ribbons while the glue dries).

Step 3

Glue the folded 9 in. ribbon piece centered on the folded 12 in. ribbon piece.


Step 4

Wrap the 14 in. ribbon around the glued ribbons and hair tie and tie in place. Adjust the tail pieces to lay how you want them to. This takes a little finagling!

velvet trend

Step 5

Add glue under the bow knot. You may want to glue the tail pieces to keep them in place.


Step 6:

Let the glue dry. Tada! Now you have pretty bows for yourself or friends!

I would love to know if you try this DIY!

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